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Bikes and Lights - online class

Bikes and Lights - online class

$ 185.00

Bikes & Lights:
This online class is hosted by the super talented Natasha. Learn how to create your own addressable LED lights and integrate them into your bike (or anywhere!).

Who It’s For:
If you’ve ever seen an animated LED project and wondered how to get started, this class is for you! No experience is necessary to join. This class is also suitable for you if you have some knowledge of Arduino but are new to addressable LEDs.

What You’ll Get:
The kit will include everything you need, including the addressable LEDs, electronic components, microcontroller, battery, connectors, and project enclosure - a $50 value of hand-picked items by Natasha.

What You’ll Make:
You will put together all the components to make an addressable LED light stick that you can connect to your bike or anywhere you want!

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Correctly connect the circuit components
  • Connect your microcontroller to your computer
  • Download and interact with Arduino Software
  • Upload example code to your lights
  • Customize the code and your light animations
  • Expand upon your creation

What’s Next?
This class is meant to be a very brief introduction to Arduino, Addressable LEDs, working with Circuits and making something creative! From adding many more LEDs to diving deeper into the animations and code, there are many places to explore! Stay tuned for more classes on these topics, or let us know what you want to learn.

Seats are limited. Sign up today! Registration closes September 7th, 2020.

Includes 4, 1-hour workshops: September 14, 16, 21, and 23 at 7 pm

Pick up the materials kit in Downtown JC the weekend of September 12th. You will also need: A small flat head screwdriver, a micro USB Cable, and duck tape and/or hot glue, depending on your project goal.

A Zoom Link will be provided prior to the first workshop. See you there!

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